Smarter Moves. Smarter Payments.


Question: What is BoxBit?
Answer: BoxBit’s vision is to design and build smart contracts utilizing the public blockchain in combination with encrypted private databases for the global shipping and logistics industry.

BoxBit will develop smart contracts that will be used for portions of the freight shipping supply chain using a blockchain encryption system to significantly reduce the ‘paperwork burden’ of point-to-point and intermodal freight movement, as well as incorporating instant settlement with the BoxBit utility token.

BoxBit’s value proposition includes token bonuses for the booking of the cleanest available transportation options in terms of CO2 emissions.

Question: Who will utilize the BoxBit token?
Answer: Companies and governing authorities who currently use traditional payment and tracking methods to service providers for containerized and bulk cargo movement between ships, trucking, railroad and various intermodal facilities.

Question: When will BoxBit token be available to industry?
Answer: The BoxBit Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign will launch in Q3/Q4 2018.

Question: Will the BoxBit token “work” with other tokens in the shipping industry?
Answer: Yes, the BoxBit token will be ERC20 compliant to ensure that it functions properly on the Ethereum blockchain, similarly to other ERC20 tokens.

Question: What is EagleRail?
 EagleRail is an innovative technological solution to the problems of truck drayage in the container movement environments in and near heavily congested sea ports and inland intermodal facilities. Sites that face problems with truck traffic congestion, pollution, capacity limitation, scheduling difficulties, data blackouts, and cycle time delays are suited for EagleRail’s elevated, electric, autonomous-movement track and vehicle container handling system. See the explanatory video on www.eaglerail.com

Question: How are the two companies related?
Answer: EagleRail’s principals identified the blockchain-enabled transportation packet need, then gathered the BoxBit leadership team. EagleRail owns a stake in BoxBit, and BoxBit anticipates making investments in EagleRail’s technology development and Engineering study process.

Question: How do I learn more?
Answer: Please email questions to info@boxbit.io and look for answers to your questions and more on our forthcoming FAQs and BoxbitBlog; and Please plan a visit to our Tech Center and Research Facility at 4010 W. Ogden Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623, USA